Vital message to everyone


This forum is getting worse and worse by the day. Drama everywhere about people getting suspended till 2020/2024, flame wars, and some people not even getting noticed for the stuff they do here. Also there's a lot of off topic stuff now. The forum was originally created to help hopscotch users with code, but it's sort of just turned into just anything related to... anything... and I have to admit I'm a huge part of it. just look at my latest topics:

And even with all of this craziness, I have too much fun on the forum. So much fun that I haven't opened the actual app in 2 days, and I haven't opened a project in 7 days, and haven't opened my draft of hopemon go in 9 days. I really need people to make this forum a better place or I will leave. NOT hopscotch, just the forum. Honestly, I know that we can make this place better!

I am Zachyswag and I approve this virtual environment message.


Just saying, complaining that the forum is bad isn't going to change it. Tell people to get back on topic. Support coding topics. But if you really aren't doing work, then just take a break.


I honestly agree.

So much drama

But yea, like CreativeCoder said, start by telling people directly.

Is anyone with me?

  • Yah
  • I dont care the fourms fine.
  • No I love the drama!
  • wut
  • I really really dont care


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I wouldn't say that the forum is getting worse, we just need to work a bit more on getting on topic and really thinking before we create a topic! =D
But I agree with some things in here, and I appreciate that you're really trying to help :D
Bye, I will miss you a lot! D: Will you come back at all to visit? I don't think you should leave, how will you help the forum improve now?
Have a nice life on Hopscotch! T^T


I'm telling people to make it better. encouragment


Topics like this kind of cause more drama lol.


I didn't say I was leaving


Wait wow. Your right this isnt really doing any effect..... unless-

Wait I dont know .-.


I SAID I would leave if this keeps going on.


It's a message. NOT drama alert


mkay. I know the forum has changed and we have to deal with it though. Don't post memes that don't relate, spam, or do anything mean or disrespectful. I know I was just a hiprocriyt their. (CANNOT SPELL)



< sigh >


Cough cough I think he was more telling the truth than "complaining" cough cough


Well "complain" has a dictionary definition of expressing dissatisfaction so it's a valid claim.


I don't think it is always a bad thing tho


@Zachyswag, I believe that the Forum will be drama-free again in a while.:grinning:
Actually, I think that things started being dramatic since MagmaPOP left.


Sry I took ur gif hotdog


I'm noticing that most popular people on the forum say the forum's fine and that we shouldn't make topics like this.

Please don't take offense. It's just an observation.


I don't think it has anything to do with if you're "popular" or not. I'm not popular, and I really think the forum's fine— we just need to work on being a little more on-topic. I also kinda agree that making a bunch of topics like this isn't going to help much, it would help a lot more just to encourage people to be nice and on-topic. :D
That's just my opinion though! :D


I agree we should remind others to be on-topic and be nice