Visiting THT next week!


I'm super excited because...

I am visiting THT next week at Hopscotch Headquarters!

I can't wait to meet them!

I am trying to come up with questions to ask them.

Does anyone have any question ideas, or something they have always wanted to know?


That's so cool! Have fun!


Cool, have a great time there.


Awesome! Luckyyyy ^^


Cool! :D

Have a super amazing time!1!1!


Thanks!! Do you have an ideas of what questions I could ask them?



It must be awesome to visit THT!!! :laughing:

Gude luck there with THT!

And remember to ask them if they leike chocolate. :chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar::chocolate_bar:



Ask them
Why the wanted to work at hopscotch
What got them into coding

IDK, just some ideas xD


Ask them how they feel about the subscription hatred


Could you ask them could you put CutePuppy on featured please because she has been working hard and @Madi_Hopscotch_ show them this project


You're cutepuppy lol. PrincessBunny1, you have to work hard to get featured, you can't just ask. Maybe put some more effort into the project and make it something nobody has made before, and maybe you'll be featured.



Have an amazing time! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


This is an awesome project! Unfortunately I can't just ask them. You have to work hard and they'll feature it if they like it, like @cash said. I can't change their opinion about if they like it or not.


NO WAY!! Awesome!!


Yes, and you cannot lie about it being someone else's project. Please say it is your's if it is your's, it will make you feel better.


Well I am having hard with pixel art Iand I don't know how to do pixel art and I with I new how to do pixel art because I want to make this


There are many pixel art topics where you can ask people.


You need to start out with easier pixel arts. Do you want me to make a sample project and show it to you?


Yes what is your username on Hopscotch


Potter Productions
That pixel art template is so cuteeeeee aaaa