Visiting hopscotch hq questions!



Um so, yah. Here are my questions:

Can anyone one visit?
What is the a.dress?
That's it for now!


Anyone can visit.

No one is going to tell the addres.s through the forum, anyone can look at anything you post, that's why emails were banned! Any kind!
But they may tell it if you email Liza.


I dunno xD
yeah i really don't know


Ok, thanks! (I'm not going I was just wondering)


I actually know the Hopscotch Headquarters address.


Is it this? 335 Madision Ave, New York, NY?


Anyone can visit, with notice and preparation!

The address is at the bottom of most of their emails, so look there!


Ok, thanks! I want to go really bad! Have you ever been?


Oh um no it's not that.


If you want to go, you should probably start asking a parent if you can go and email the hopscotch team.

Kiwicute2016 said, you should video chat them a few times before going to learn about their personalities. :)


Well..That's what's on the website.


Also, that is what is online. If you look that address up,quite a few results come up for Hopscotch.


I have a picture of the address though


Show it to me please


Sorry I can't right now I have a question.