Virtual Jellyfish


I am making a Virtual Jellyfish. Because I am a new user, I don't know what to put in it!

It doesn't look that good right now, but does anyone have any suggestions on what to add to it?


That sounds like a great creative game! Can you describe more what it looks like so I can think about what you maybe can add to it? :smiley:


That sounds like a AWESOME COOL EPIC AMAZING game


That sound awesome! You should have a few mini games inside of it.


Here is a picture! I finally figured out how to add a photo :slightly_smiling:


It looks awesome!!!!!!


Maybe you should make the legs move, change the eye colors too! You can add little blue bubbles in the background that float up, I can show you if you want.


Thanks! I tried for an hour to make the legs curved, but it didn't work right, so I had to have the straight ones :frowning:


There's a curvy shape in the shapes section, and to make the squiggles move you can do the command "flip" and then you could repeat it forever on each leg


Here's what I was trying to do.

Using a leave a trail block, I was trying to make it so it was slightly curved and stayed straight.

What happened, was it was curving, but it was going towards one side.



I see what your saying, using the move a trail block can be tricky



That's the code for the squiggle shape


Just use your imagination and you will know what to add! ☄


Lol I just had to

It was the first thing I thought of when I saw that post :sweat_smile:


Welcome to the forum this looks awesome!


I'm still stuck. I haven't been making much, but I still don't know what to add :frowning:


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Wow, I love that idea! Thanks!


Cuter than this cat!