Views on Hopscotch and subscriptions from an OG

Hi, I joined hopscotch way back in 2014-2015 (can’t quite remember). You may remember me as StarCoder. I was a pretty active user and in the first few years of using Hopscotch, it was fun and all the tools you needed were there. As someone who is now experienced in many programming language, I look back at these first few years and realise what an amazing learning tool this was for coding. However, in recent years (2018 - present) there have been significant changes to the app which for sure improved the capabilities of the app, these all came at the cost of a subscription. I understand the need for money to continue developing Hopscotch but this was not the way to do it. By limiting the amount of projects you can make, what features you can use and access to tutorials, you are limiting the potential of kids to learn coding, the exact reason this app was designed in the first place. Many third world countries use Hopscotch to teach coding and often people living in these places cannot afford a subscription, therefore making the app almost useless. There are plenty of alternatives to subscriptions to raise enough to continue development such as school partnerships. Anyway, that’s enough of my rant, it’s just been something that has bothered me ever since I left the platform and checked in to see what was happening. I know I’ll probably get lot’s of negative comments about this but I just needed to put this out here. Thanks for reading.



you make great points! share more thoughts on how Hopscotch can improve seeds and the subscription in the Subscription Pros, Cons, and Suggestions topic!