Vietnamese school on hopscotch!



Choa (hello)
So Vietnamesse is hard to learn, I mean not that hard hard! If. You want to join ask me and I will approve. sometime. So hopefully you want to learn this hard language :smiley:


My dad



I can try it if it's to hard I may drop out is that ok I can't do it now look at my My Brain and it's new flaw if you want to know why


Ok you're in. And if you do drop out its ok then you can re join. And your self in students.


Ko seeping sag writing Ortiz do if you don't know what I mean look at my new topci yay I have auto correct back!!!


Ok I have no idea. What you mean


Look at my new topic My brain and it's New flaws and you will understand...


I understand get better soon :weary:


Nah when does school start? Not today right...... I am not up to it today....


@MoonlightCoder when do are u free then I will schedule the class.


Tommorow mayb......


Ok what time. Also I will be at a birthday party. So how about 10:00 am.


Umm let me check my calendar quickly


Okay I'll wait. :smiley:


Is it okay if I become a teacher? I learn and speak Vietnamese fluently! There are many Vietnamese accents, which makes learning difficult.

Here are some basic words to get started on!
Hi: chao
Bye: tam biet
Food: mon an
Thank you: cam on ban
Home: nha
Restaurant: nha hang
Love: yeu

(Please keep in mind that many Vietnamese words have special symbols, which makes the accent/tone of the word different! My keyboard doesn't have those symbols, sorry!)


I am free then ok... For 2 hours and that's it maybe 1hour 45mins is that ok?


@Berrymelon ok add yourself into teachers.


Ok @MoonlightCoder I will schedule the class


Sorry, I can't edit the topic! Can you edit it and tag my name in teachers?


Do you need help with scheduling the classes? I can help if you'd like!


Um... @Berrymelon I have a class tomorrow at 10:00 am. Will you be on to help?