Videos We'll make about coding!



I think that in Hopscotch, we should be able to Make our own videos about how to make our own games. What do you think?


Well, I think there should be a vidoe button( to record ) and then that's all you need because you can post it to YouTube afterwards


Most of us aren't allowed to use YouTube though. But it would be AMAZING if we could make our own tutorials/showcase stuff! Hopscotch could have its own YouTube with restrictions from the kid's parents to prevent the kid's voice on the web! @Liza, this is my favorite idea EVER!! :joy:


That's a good idea, but I mean people could still tamper with things in screen recording.


That's a good thing, because then you could show tutorials! :wink:


:smirk:Yah, but we will have to be safe like not bully other people


Great idea! Right now an alternative is YT of course, but if that is an option I bet there would be tons of great tutorials


We could pubilished them like projects! Like showing your friends how to code!


or mine :sunglasses: Let's try!


well thank you @Rawrbear !!!!!!!