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@/Awesome_E can you fix the link, please. And could you teach me how so I can do it for future videos I post?

@/FearlessPhoenix and @/SilverSong

Nevermind, it seems to just be because of the repeat times block.

I did notice you can get the full 60 fps by using a repeat forever block (which makes this whole thing inconsistent since using the game events alone with a check if containers will result in an extra delay in frames)

Not sure if using a repeat forever would result in extra lag compared to just using game events…


Just quote your own post after I do it


Looks like a visual bug

Dragging objects to trash in quick succession sometimes makes the trash icon glitch out for 1 frame (video was intentionally frozen at the time of the glitch to show it more clearly).



Is there a bug report for this already? If not, this should be its own topic

Edit: I see it


Alright, I just created the bug report.

I also found out the hard way that “glitch” as a tag is banned in topics. I guess I can understand why…


Mini Miners Teaser!

This teaser shows you how eggs are set up, and tons and tons of Cubots that have been unknown to the world!



Dang it’s restricted :[


Do you mean the website? I can post images of the video if it is


Yes that’s what I mean :]


Ok, I will get some images for you!

Edit: Here they are!


Switching eggs shows a really cool and clean animation of the current egg going up/down and the new egg going up/down at the same time, while the background fades into the color of the next area. Meanwhile, the Cubots shrink down, and then grow to normal size as the new icons! Clicking on the Cubot fades in the percentage of hatching the Cubot. The egg animation is also really cool, showing the egg shaking with noises and then going back to normal position with a bunch of fast-paced singing noises. Then the egg fades out, with the hatched Cubot simultaneously bouncing out the egg, with the name, rarity, and stars (the color is based off of the rarity shown) fade in. Then the (tap to exit) text fades in slowly a couple seconds after. Also, clicking the arrow button to go to a different egg makes it glow up, then it slowly fades back to black.

(That was the most dramatic and detailed explanation I think I’ve ever given lol)


@SilverSong and @FearlessPhoenix I’m just letting you know ahead of time that I will no longer be able to share my YT channel / videos here, as there may be content that is not allowed on this Hopscotch Forum.


@Rapterdragon_83 here’s the difference between remixing and updating.

Also you can embed your videos by doing <video controls><source={video link}></video>

Tags for video @SilverSong @FearlessPhoenix


This is what I see

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Edit your old project and try the update again. Maybe it just glitched. If the issue persists, maybe it’s a bug, and your “use 50 seed for custom art” message is what’s causing it. Maybe it’s forcing it to be created as new instead of updated.

I have the sub, so I don’t have this problem.


I have already tried it twice and spent 100 seeds.

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Strange. See if it’ll work for a project without any custom art. If it does, then create a bug report titled “50 seeds for custom art when updating project acts like a remix instead”

Or simply “Updating projects with custom art without sub is bugged”


Topic created

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Sneak peak!!!


Kaizo level I made in @/Spy_Guy_96’s Raccoon With A Room
(reposted from YCTAHH)