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The only way to make everyone the same speed is by using low memory devices.

Also, 30 FPS is harder to control than 60 FPS.

I can also do a 30 FPS only speedrun by turning on Low Power Mode. (For you, it would probably be around 15 FPS from 30 FPS)

The speedrun timer uses the advanced block Time variable (which equals the Unix timestamp in ms since Jan 1, 1970 GMT). None of my timers are based on the traditional wait blocks. I have Advanced Mode, remember?

Also, why do I keep getting draft errors?! I don’t have any other drafts in the background that are being edited!! I keep having to reload the page every 5 seconds, it’s that bad.


Just press ignore @Crosbyman64. I also am having this problem but not quite that often. I got one wile editing this in.

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Loop speedrun for but bad


@impasta this is for the


Thanks for the submission!

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I decided to beat my record




Loop 2 run
Might add to but bad sometime


And just did an Easter Platformer run

I missed a couple of minor optimizations in level 2 and 3. But I have a feeling that last X tile in level 3 can be skipped with a precise jump.


The second Aero trailer is out!

This is the official trailer, this trailer showcases some of the events including the Air show and landing challenges. A lot more stuff has been added in since the last trailer so there much other stuff to showcase this time around besides free roam. This game is still in development so no realest date quite yet. I’m aiming for a mid June to mid July release date. But it still may be a little while, this will be a very huge project. Hope you enjoy this second trailer I put together.


This video has been modified from its original version. All of the long pauses that occurred were removed, and was formatted to 720p@60FPS

@FearlessPhoenix, @SilverSong, @Fundardo

I wasn’t sure about uploading this to my YT channel, so I used catbox instead.

I sure had some bad luck with the starting word: adieu

I think I made it too much like the original, lol, with the animations and all…


Video of Bug in “Weird Glitch when deleting variables”

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Size really does set itself to Infinity when changing its image to text. Leads me to believe the size % got miscalculated somehow.

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I did some speedrunning in that platformer as well. Achieved a time of 21.1s. I had to make a side video just to make the count up timer I added as accurate as it can be.

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Also minor typo on your title. It should read 24.01s, not 24:01s (this might lead people to believe it took you 24 minutes, 1 second, which we both know is not the case, but it is what 24:01s usually means).

If I perfect my run, I could, in theory, achieve a time of 20.8s


I added “Dynamic Range” to my tile-based platformer. Works surprisingly well. It also works perfectly, even when you are falling at terminal velocity.

This is just a visual representation of this, this is not what it looks like in normal gameplay.

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You could go a step further and add “local collision” as I like to call it, which would add enemy support and is less laggy (when done right).

However it’s pretty complicated, and you would have to rewrite the entire collision code and on top of that, you would need to add special collision data (which in your case would be 4X larger than normal level data)

Not to mention you would have to redesign all levels to add collision data, so I wouldn’t do that in this project if yours. But in your next platformer I highly recommend adding this system.

This project has this collision system, although it’s not very optimised, and could be improved, especially the enemy movement.


I was just surprised I was able to pull it off. Makes me wonder that FPS people will get now, but I unfortunately don’t have access to an older device that still supports playing the game. I can’t be sure if it even changed at all.

Last I could remember, your frame rate on mine was 53 FPS when the project first started, and so much got added in the past months. Safe to assume it was around 36-40 FPS for the longest time.

You can still access my older versions, so you’ll be able to see the difference in performance (once you have access to your old iPad, of course).


s p e e d :dash:


Ok here is this one

Please let me know if the file isn’t working because this is only temporary.
Also if you want to skip time go to 4:20