Videogame Character Art Challenge



@OMTL Hello! I’ve recently come up with an art challenge that I think everyone will enjoy! You do not have to be in an art club to do the challenge. This challenge is for anyone who wants to participate. The challenge I have for you all is an art challenge where you draw a character from any video game. Ex: Zelda, Super Mario, Smash Bros…etc. I know that was all Nintendo btw. The video game category is not just Nintendo. It can be any video game. However, you have to choose a reference picture and copy it. Well… not copy it exactly. You have to change at least TWO things about it as you draw. It can be funny, but not inappropriate. When you have finished your piece you need to somehow get it to me so I know you have done the challenge. Also,please notify me if you want to participate. I will post this on Hopscotch as well. The winner will receive a prize. The challenge ends in two weeks. July 24th 2018. The photo I’ve chosen is the character 9S from the game Nier Automatah.

Good luck! Btw, show me the reference you’re using pls. :slight_smile: REMEMBER: YOU CAN CHOOSE ANY VIDEO GAME CHRACTER OUT THERE.


By the way, this challenge may be done digitally or on paper. It must be colored and signed though!


I’m attracted by that drawing.


can i draw 02 instead



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It’s reasonable because what if someone wanted to join something like this. And they get tagged and see this!


That’s really cool! I might do it. Did u draw the example pic?


He did! Look at the creator’s post.


I’ll do the challenge! Now where’s my pencil? ( I’m doing this on paper)


I wish I could like that 1 million times. Because I’m attracted :drooling_face:.


@Newish /@004 hi


No, the example pic is by some talented artist on deviant art. That’s my reference photo. :slight_smile:


Cool! Don’t forget to show me the reference pic when ur done! :upside_down_face:


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Well, your reaction time was five hours late. I’m sry but the damage has been done! Btw, tagging omtl wasn’t exactly pointless either. And yeah, it’s ok, I know ur not trying to be mean or anything.


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