Video tutorials are now for subscribers?


So, I was browsing my drafts and suddenly, BOOM! All the video tutorials are for subscribers. Not all of them, of course. 4 of them aren't, but that's not the point here. I personally don't use the video tutorials, but new hopscotchers would! I once did. It helped me A LOT. I'm not against subscribership (does that make sense?) but I'm sad it's so...pushy.
Your thoughts?


It's been like this for a while now. Most new videos are subscribers-only, sadly.


I want control pad and timer to be free for a week.
EDIT: I know how to do this, I just want to watch the videos.


I know.

HS is turning into the new Animal Jam: almost every new feature is for members.


I agree!

New members really need the tutorials. Do you expect them to learn it on their own, THT?!


Most new features are free.


Not all features. We got Self, which is really awesome and everyone can get it.


Control pad is pretty simple. I can show you how to make one if you like. was free recently, they'll probably do that with the other ones eventually.


ikr the tutorials might be simple but can be helpful to beginners.
(didn't put full list)
@trust_level_4 (other leaders)


Wow this topic got intense.


I know. I also know how to do a control pad, and did one before they were so easy and you needed values. And that's why I said free for a week. They do that often.


@trust_level_4 doesn't actually work, I am pretty sure. @awesomeonion is part of THT too, btw.

What are you them tagging for?


This old Hopscotch sounds kinda cool XD I wish I could try it


It doesn't? My life is a lie. PS. I'm going to sleep. Good night.:sleeping:


I'll teach you how on my general topic, if you want. :D


It's very recent. It was in 2014.


problay tutorials for the features for subscribtion


There are still heaps of other tutorials.
THT needs the money to keep HS running.
I don't really mind about the subscriber-only stuff
(But some are really cool)


I joined 2016 lol


Sometimes they let others use them, and you can find other Hop videos for free on YouTube