Video Record Help!


How do I change the screen record more in Hopscotch? I set it onto screen only, but now I want to switch it back to screen and microphone, but when I press on the record button it skips that process. Help!!!


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It can be a glitch, try shutting down your iPad and turn it back on and see if it works (I'm really sorry if it doesn't)


Yeah, that should work! I tried restarting Hopscotch, and it worked too. :wink:


It won't work for me I shut it down and restarted


Wait a bit (2-3 hrs) while the app is closed! That's what I did when I had that problem. It's because the app is clearing it's own default settings. :wink:

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I think I did that duh due durndur


I can't get the recording option...... I have the 1st gen. iPad Air


I have a first gen iPad Air too and I'm able to use the record option.....


How do you get the option? @Ihasfluffycupcakes


im not really sure but are you talking about the record button on hopscotch?


Yeah, that. I've seen a lot of people have it


i have an ipad 2, i dont have it :crying_cat_face:


Thx guys, but ironically, I just had to exit and log back.