Video games voting!



Ok, guys! New topic again(sorry I wasn't plubishing anything lately) I want to calculate what video games you guys like most so I can make them soon after I finish slash mobs(and hopefully get onto featured)!


Smash bros

Fire emblem Conquest/Birthright/Revelation.


I saw an app yesterday that involved having to feed 2 aliens.
Different types of food moved down a pipe and you have to drag the food to the correct alien.
You could try making something like that game.


Thanks guys! I will make them soon! But I've gotta make the alien game first as it's easier. Tell me, what detail do you need?


Yeah, and do you want me to add in drawings with trails? @Stradyvarious?


I just gave an idea.
You can make the game however you want to.


Oh, ok! I was doing progress on that game. Hope you like it @Stradyvarious!


When you are ready please post a link here.


So you want to check if it's ok? It fine, but k, I am gonna post it here!


@Stradyvarious, I am going to post the game link now here! But there is a bug where the game over sign always pop up whether you got it right or wrong. So here is the link!
So please help me fix it!


And it only works with the real hopsctoch game! So it might look funny on this platform.

Try this and see if the problems fixed.


I played it in hopsctoch! It was better but not perfect. I tried it and it only consumed 2 foods only. I will try and make it better @Stradyvarious. At least I hope so!


Undertale, Chrono Trigger, Mario Bros, Pokémon.


Really... I don't think I can't make that many projects at once... But I'll still try @KarmicSans2. But if I didn't plz don't blame me!


Why would I be mad? Most of the games on this list are rpgs, and I would be impressed if you managed to make one.


Oh thank, I made the game for @Stradyvarious and now making one for @AmiiboTrash so the next one is yours. I will make it on my second account.