Very Very Quick Topic!


Guys XD that was my litte brother


It's 11:30 at night...


This topics seems a bit vague, is there a way to add a little more purpose to it? For I don't really think it's necessary to have a whole topic just to suggest people to code something...


You live in Central time? Cool

But people can stay awake at 11:30

Also @StarKid probably doesn't live in Central time


It is 9:00pm for me I am in Australia lol


Your time is 6 mins late @Da-Beasty.


As CC said, I don't think this really has a purpose as a topic, it's kinda vague. I or t think we need an entire topic to tell people to code, so do you think you could recycle this?


I sneaked on at 11:30 :joy::joy:


Lol :joy::joy:
Sorry I find random things funny


guys should i make a new quick topic called The Late Late Late Late Talk Show


For late night people :joy::joy:


it would be 9;30 to 10 ; 30 or something:D


I agree with @StarKid