Very upset with school iPads


My school says "games are not permitted in iPads" so they take hopscotch OFF the iPads. ;-;


Oh no :see_no_evil:

Any way to do HS out of school?


No they took the app off.


Evel school iPads :pouting_cat:

Is that the only device you have?


Do you have / do any people you know have iPads/iPhones?


No I have a iPhone but it's to small cx


I use school iPad, it was a free app they gave us to download


Nuu games?! ;-;
Hopscotch doesn't count as a gameā€¦

Laif tip: use home iPad fir Hopscotching!


Yeah. Even teachers use hopscotch as an example when teaching(in my school) and if it was really a game , they wouldn't have put it as a school app


You should explain that Hopscotch is not just a game but is educational and teaches kids coding...


Explain to the school principal,that would not be easy to pull on a reasonably debate b/c they can give you a thousand reasons.


What do you use school iPads for then?
Tell them Hopscotch is an educational app that requires computational and logical thinking. Use lots of big words.


On my school iPad it was allowed because it was coding...


I'm allowed to have it since its coding and educational. Our teachers let us use it whenever or for a lesson.


Same here except if they are teaching a really important topic
But hopscotch is more of education