Very odd glitch under "users"




I was looking at the top users today and I saw this:

The glitch is that KayKay hasn’t been on since December, and is said to have recieved 373 likes today.

This is so odd.


Users that are suspended/inactive/on hold are on today too. It’s acting like they were on today, which they weren’t.


Her statistics are frozen, as she’s banned, I think. Same with Cash, Snowydayyay and other alts.


She’s just on hold. What’s the point of freezing statistics, anyways?


Ask discourse staff—I don’t think THT knows it.


No, I think that it happens only with banned users…


She is not suspended, but on hold


Banned = on hold, in my opinion.


Yeah, I’ve noticed this too.


Yeh, there are many users like that, who haven’t been active in a long time.


Yeah, it will bring up users that were suspended right after I joined…


I have noticed this for quite awhile…like for the past two months. Some leaderboards seem to be frozen, or at least some parts of them. Others aren’t frozen at all.