Very important questions for Hopscotch!



Soooo, I need to know Hopscotch's opinions on these issues, some small, some big. Some are to let the Hop. Team know what we want, some just to see how people feel.

Do you think there should be more categories for reporting? Like 'stealing' or 'copying' or 'arguing?'

Would it be a good idea for you to be notified in activity if you are reported, featured, or trending?

Do you think hacking into accounts is getting big? Or are there less true 'hackers?'

Should you tell somebody that they shouldn't beg for likes or promote themselves? Or would YOU just report them and not even let them learn the rules they probably don't know?

Do you think just, out of niceness, asking people to check out a Hopscotcher or their project that needs noticing is okay? Or do you think it counts as begging for likes?
Because when I gave a shoutout to a friend and asked people to see and like his great project, Ashstorm and Spottedstar yelled at me and accused my shoutout of begging. It hurt my feelings a lot.

And finally, do you think that there should be an age limit on Hopscotch? Or do you think it's unfair for older kids not doing anything wrong?


These are awesome ideas! Also, there shouldn't be an age limit; coding is for everyone!


I agree. An age limit would ruin everything. And OMGOODNESS POPTART REPLIED! A LEADER!!! :blush:


Great topic! I'm writing what I think right now... Hold on! :wink:


No, there should not be an age limit unless you want to kick half the people on Hopscotch out for being a certain age.




They must think that's begging for likes. It's not, all Shoutouts say "Check this amazing project out!".
Anyway, Shoutouts are definitely not begging for likes.


I know, right!!! I hope it didn't sound too beggy! XD


Bye, dinner time.


I don't think there should be more categories for reporting. You can't really prove people at old of copied. And besides, real coders help each other with codes, they don't get mad that they copied. :slight_smile:

I think it would be great if you were notified if you were in featured, rising, or if you were reported! Trending depends on how many likes and remixes you get in the first hour or so, so I don't think there could be a notification for trending. But if you knew you were reported, it could help you make better choices next time! :smiley:

I think hacking problems are becoming an issue. Some people lie about and post bad stuff, then they claim it was a hacker and that's not fair. Then other times people hack you for reals then it's really scary!!! :scream: (Someone hacked me but they didn't really do anything bad fortunately.)

I think they can learn on their own that begging for likes doesn't get you anywhere.

I think stuff like shout outs is OK! It's just telling people some cool new channels that they might like! :grinning:

You can't really make an age limit, only a recommendation. I would like for a lot of people to learn this stuff on Hopscotch, but it's more targeted to get kids interested in coding. A ton of adults may cause some trouble, but I don't know for sure.

Just my thoughts! :blush:


I agree with you. You should get notified if you get on Trending, Featured (but it doesn't matter, your project will be seen by yourself), Rising, or Game Changers (if they even update it any more).


Awesome ideas! These are great!


Cool! Most of our answers are the same, but one I really disagree on is the

I think if you help them out and tell them, "It doesn't sound nice if you beg" then they'll get the message. Like, once I told someone begging that they should just make projects, cuz begging doesn't sound nice, and I'd help them if they needed, they posted a project saying, "I'll never make begging projects again!" I feel like it's harsh to just report. I think it makes them feel welcome if you show them the ropes. And they get it quicker.


You might be able to do a google hangout with THT, I had one and it was super fun. You could have a nice live conversation instead of emails every few hours at best :slight_smile:


Cool! But still, just wanna see what Hopscotchers think.


@tankt2016 What is Game Changers? I always keep hearing about that thing!


It's where the best of the best projects go. The ones that 'changed' Hopscotch.


Games that really changed how to hopscotch!


Hey! I replied 2 seconds ago! No fair! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


@treefrogstudios @tankt2016 Ohhh, ok. Thanks! I just checked and there IS a Channel called Game changers.