Version 3.65.0 Official Topic

This is a quick bug fix for the resizing issue that text objects were having on stage. Now you can resize text objects on the stage and have them properly displayed in your project.

As always, if you have any questions/comments/feedback, please email us at Happy Hopscotching!


Hey there @Yuanyuan!

Sorry if this is unrelated to this topic, but could you take a look at this project?

These are suggestions for things that I would like to see in the Hopscotch editor. I also gave reasons to why I think these should be added.


Thanks for making the project! I will take a look and note down the suggestions you have included!


I’ve been working on a project, and there still seems to be an issue regarding z-index when clones are involved. I have all clones of one object at a z-index of 1, and a single large object at an z-index of 5. The large object is supposed to be in front of the clones, but for some reason, some of the clones are shown in front of the object.

Doing Bring to Front did nothing.


Never mind. I just forgot to center my object, lol. It took me hours just to find out…