Version 3.63.0 Official Topic (Seed block for subscribers!)

ok, I have to wait to reset my email lol


You would sign in with the same email and password as the one you use for the app.


It should start showing your transactions after you get your daily seed or once someone purchases a product.

Or when you purchase something (form of Debit).


:cry: goodbye, seed block.

I honestly don’t agree with the SDP members loosing access to it, we helped test it. I feel like hopscotch as changed paths to what it was a couple years ago, even though this is for the better, I still disagree that we lost the block. Please take this constructive criticism as you want, but please change something.





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I agree.


omg yes!!! thank you tht!


very good update, i especially like the new trail abilities
my only complaint is that the “seed block for everyone” is a little misleading in the title


Thanks for the response, I completely agree with what you said except one thing

What about those who got the seed block from this thing\

They never got workshops or the top games section or the “experience”

And sure you did give us the last sdp a disclamer about how the policy could change but what for everyone else?

Sure the seed devs could loose the block since that was more of a foot note in the program but for the others, thats where the problem comes

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Hey @Henry I get feeling disappointed about losing access to the Request Seed block.

I think it was mainly a miscommunication there – a leader answered to the best of their knowledge about the Seed Block at the time.

I know that at least some folks who got access to the Seed block later took part in the Seed Dev program as well – that option was available to them to join.

I think this is rather harsh. Ultimately, Hopscotch had actually done the opposite as well which is a lot rarer – e.g. we’ve given out a feature that was previously subscription-exclusive (scenes) for free for everyone to use.

The Seed block was pretty exclusive previously (invite-only and then application-only). Adding it for subscribers is opening it up for a lot more people.


I think giving this to everyone is a great idea!
Ultimately this was always the goal

I can’t wait to see what people do with it, all I would like too see is the invite people to be able to keep their block if it was promised to them

The seed devs don’t/shouldn’t keep it since that wasn’t the point of the program

I was just trying to say that taking it away from some people could be not considered good

Sorry if my words were harsh


What will happen to the Top Games tab?


it may be removed, like featured or trending, but I think it’ll still be cool to keep it there


After a while, the games in top games will most likely be moved to Masterpieces, leaving the Top Games category blank. Either that or the games that are currently in Top Games will stay there forever…


We were lucky, but to be fair… they did promise we would keep it after the program.

In a private category, iirc they did say that we would keep it, pretty sure it was yuanyuan.

I honestly hate this update (my own opinion) but what’s done is done, all that matters is what we do next. (Quoted from someone, can’t find who)

I won’t be posting here anymore[1], please talk to me in the YCTAYHCH (only if you need to contact me.)

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It’s strange that it says “Seed block for everyone!”, even though it’s only for people who bought the subscription.


I agree with both the seed developers and subscribers, but I think the Top Games tab is super unfair. If you make it impossible to reach that category (there are no future SDPs) it certainly does seem like favoritism and is promoting the bias towards veteran coders. Imo it could be turned into the midway point between excellent and masterpieces, or be some kind of trending tab.

I do agree that the seed developers not getting the block anymore is really… weird…
They tested the block, applied to a program for it, promised they’d keep it, and now it’s gone. I won’t say much more because honestly it’s already getting a lot of attention, and THT is probably considering the feedback so I won’t bother them about it right now, not that it shouldn’t be talked about though.

Yeah it should be “Seed Block for Subscribers!” which would be a good solution.


I’m kinda confused on Join’s purpose… isn’t it already possible with +?


Join joins strings, for ex. If you join 000 and 000, the output would be 000000, but if you tried that with +, itd be 0. join treats them as strings.