Version 3.58.0 Official Topic (bug fixes)

Hey Hopscotchers,

You’re getting some bug fixes in this release:

  • Previously, moving objects on the stage was not working after you resized an image. Now, this is fixed. Thanks to the user christian bliss for reporting this in the App Store reviews!
  • We fixed a bug in iOS 16 where drawing with two characters at a time would result in mixed-up colors and widths–no more!
  • The blue highlight around certain parameter blocks appeared glitchy visually. This is no longer the case - you should see a clean blue highlight around the block. A shoutout to our beta testers for finding this bug!

As always, we’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions/comments/feedback, please email us at Happy Hopscotching!


Finally! These bugs were, ironically, bugging me. It’s great to have them fixed, although the new scenes update had lots of bugs alongside it that haven’t been said fixed.


We also fixed the problem where the Cut | Copy | Paste menu wouldn’t appear after double-tapping or long-pressing a block, while the keyboard was closed.

Known issue:

  • if you have a text object and you try to change the text from the code editor, the keyboard won’t appear.

    We will have a bug fix for this in a future release. For a temporary workaround, you can long-press the object on the stage and tap “Update text”


:0 there’s a bug in this topic 5 people liked the topic but there is only a 4 as the number

Edit: Nop it’s fixed now