Version 3.54.0 Official Topic (Undo/Redo Variables Action + Bug Fixes)

Hey Hopscotchers,

You can now undo and redo creating, deleting, and renaming variables in Hopscotch! On top of that, the undo/redo buttons will no longer undo/redo each keystroke when you enter texts. Phew, no more hitting the undo/redo buttons 20 times just for a sentence!

In addition, you’re getting some fixes:

  • Hitting the “Clear” key caused the keyboard to close. Now, the parameter will stay selected. Thanks to Mr. Incognito for reporting this bug!
  • Previously when you entered a new line in a text bubble, the texts would overlay. Now, it would only show the first line.
  • Deleting a variable from the keyboard was removing incorrect variables in the parameter. This is now fixed, and deleting a variable will only empty the parameters with the deleted variable. Thanks to Crosbyman64 for reporting this bug!

If you have any questions/comments/feedback, please email us at Happy Hopscotching!


I will update
Didn’t come for me yet


My power (and internet) went out for a couple hours, lol, and I saw this topic when it came back on at 7:15 PM EST.

Also, first time being mentioned on the update description, let’s goooooooo!!

Awesome update, glad to see those bugs are fixed.


Nice update, there’s just one annoying bug that apparently nobody saw, I am going create a topic for it and if it’s okay, link it here.


Linking won’t be necessary. THT has all bug reports set to watching, so they’ll see it.


It’s ok to link it here too in future — we do check the category but not everyone has the category on ‘watching’ level for notifications.


True. I, myself, am only watching the first post of topics in the Announcements category (to be one of the first to know / stay up to date), plus the topics I created in other categories.