Version 3.53.0 Official Topic (Much faster performance + bug fix)

Hey Hopscotchers,

You are getting a couple of bug fixes in this release! To start, you will notice that the app is much faster and smoother, especially when it comes to downloading projects and coding in Hopscotch. Yay!

Bug fixes in this version include:

  • Hopscotch will no longer crash when you make a new custom rule or ability

  • You can now update your custom art or image from the “Set Image” block

  • Your text objects will no longer appear stretched when you resize them on stage

  • When you delete a variable from the keyboard, it will be removed from your keyboard and your code

  • Text values will update correctly in the block and on the text field above the keyboard

Thank you to all the users who helped report the bugs above!

We’d love to hear from you! If you have any questions/comments/feedback, please email us at Happy Hopscotching!


Yeah! New features, thanks yuanyuan and the team!


awesome! these bugs were really annoying and i’m glad they’re fixed!


Yay, just saw this


oh my goddess thank you so much hopscotch was bugging so hard for me because i have a pretty heavy draft and i have to log out log in each time i code :pray:


Yay! The update hasn’t showed up to me yet but once it comes i am going to be really happy


It may take a while to appear on your end. Try refreshing your updates page. (Under your profile)


Cool. Glad to hear about these fixes.

I can confirm the crashing issue regarding custom methods has been fixed.

I can confirm this. However, you know that glitch where if you replace a variable with another and delete the old variable, it still clears the parameter even though the variable it had (prior to the deletion) still exists? That still happens.


could you file a separate bug for it please? tag me!


Let me know if coding in big projects is better/faster. I tested the app on your project and the freezing while scrolling through code thing went away for me, so hopefully it’s better for you too

@Tri-Angle @Crosbyman64 @ElijahPw


So much easier!


it might take some time to my ipad to find the new version, i’ll reply as soon as i’ll download it!

ah, you tested on my draft or on the super super laggy project i shared to you on undo/redo beta topic?


yes, i tested it on most of the projects people sent me that had crashing or slow performance

So i went through a couple of drafts on your account (as well as other hopscotchers who complained about the issue)


It’s 10,000 times better

I tested this on StarCourse v5.75, there was a slight delay when opening the tiles object, but the containers collapsed / expanded like it was nothing (little to no delay when collapsing containers in code heavy objects).

Editing parameters is still a little slow, but not as slow as it was previously, so it did, in fact, improve.


This might just be me, but I feel that all magenta blocks in objects should be collapsed by default, or at least have the ability to collapse / expand all magenta blocks at once.

I get why it’s opened by default in the first place, though a lot of Hopscotchers who make large projects will most likely collapse every rule so they can get to the block they want to edit faster.

The other way that would make editing much faster is the ability to search for blocks placed in the editor (similar to how you can in AE’s project builder).


what no way

this version is incredibly incredible fast! in the past i made a project that takes ~15 seconds to load now it only take at most \frac{1}{4} seconds! please tell to the entire hopscotch team im giving them a super huge good job :clap: :clap: :clap:

i hope next step is maybe community garden because that fits real nice with the new official comp, or better fps because everyone will enjoy that :D projet speed usually drop with 100+ objects or with music playing in background

again, huge good job to everyone!


I noticed that extremely large text while coded music is playing can drastically impact performance negatively (even if the project is muted). (PLAY MODE)

Edit: it happens with large text no matter what.

I noticed this in my Tic-Tac-Toe project.

Edit2: yep, making text grow forever will eventually crash the project due to critical performance. This even happens when it’s the only object on the screen.


Thanks! I think I reported one those! Yay I’m proud! TYSM GUYS FOR FIXING!! You’re all amazing!!


I am always a huge fan for performance improvements, thanks tht:)


Now this, is epic