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In this regard I agree with ThinBuffalo. It is, of course, a colourful and well-intended idea to add these mushrooms, but would it not be more discreet to make them private? If users are producing projects of high quality, then they already know about it via the forum and like buttons. In this sense, it is basically a like button with a price, and for some users, a symbol for their popularity which will invite users to be coding for the wrong reasons; potentially taking away the necessary learning involved. Overall, please take this as nothing but constructive feedback :slight_smile:


Ehh, coding for likes has been a way I motivate myself to code

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Yeah, but it’s not a very good motivation in the long run. You should code for the experience and to possibly learn a few things. That’s at least my mindset.


That’s my BTS motivation, but I try to incentivize myself, I may say “wow! I got featured twice this week! Maybe I can pump out a few more projects!”

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Fair enough

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I can totally understand your POV; I get where you’re coming from and why you feel the way you do

Now, I may feel a lil biased cause I have the sub, but I still want to say something

Likes? So what.

People spamlike all the time. So really, is it fair to count likes? Because you don’t know if people have really, truly given a like because they like the project, because it’s so bad that it’s good-or if they were just spamliking. Plant/fungi are different-because you have to use seeds to give them, then the creator truly knows that they have someone who is supporting them. It’s not like you can spam-plant projects, because you need seeds to do that. So tbh, I think the plants are a great way to show true support for a game-maker, because you know they spent something to give you that.



Was this too much?
I feel like it was too much


This layout looks way better and a lot more understandable to me, personally
The update just came through for me today and I like the concept!!! Just the implementation and layout is really confusing. I’ve nearly given people plants trying to like projects, and have liked and unliked and played projects countless times just trying to hit the teeny weeny like button. Also I really don’t like not being able to see when a project was published. Other than that, I mostly like the mushrooms concept (even if they’re technically not ‘plants’ and I’m personally never going to buy any).
Also Yogi, if you don’t mind me riffing off your concept here, but if the mushroom sticker was on the far left side rather than the middle, and if it didn’t have a box around it it might be like, less of a distraction for lack of a better word? It wouldn’t look so out of place. I love your concept, don’t take this the wrong way, Im just having some more thoughts


that looks awesome

I just realized that the project published on is gone now

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Yup it is
Maybe restart hs?

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I actually tried doing that before! I totally get what you mean. I feel like people will be more used to the like button and share button together.

woah…I think I need to put cameras in my house or somethin.

I added the drop shadow bc it looks more like a hit box so the number of mushrooms have a corner to rest on. (and also bc the mushroom button already have a drop shadow, and I wanted it to still look similar to THT’s design).

thank you so much!!

The more the ideas the better!
I made another version with your suggestions! :D
:yellow_square: bonus alternate sticky note thumbnail! :yellow_square:

this could be how many mushrooms are shown!



This project never actually existed at all.

it’s a combination of projects I did back in the the good ol’days

It’s a combination of “Lantern” ( a super edgy game I made for the Halloween 2016 Contest ), and a project that I unpublished some time ago

just in case if u were curious


I tried that.




They can’t exactly get rid of plants though, as people have already spent money on them.


I think this is a really nice layout! I think that if the update looked just like this, it would be great, but your idea from before about being able to toggle the mushroom button on and off (or smaller?) would make it even better. Hopefully the HST will update with this sort of thing.


This one is better

But still I like the detailed mushroom


@Dragongirl1264 and @Celestial_Potato Thank you!

You guys don’t need to worry about the post where I talked about giving credit who made the bg ( i deleted it). I didn’t intend for this to be posted. It had to approved by a leader bc I called my old project edgy and “dumb”. I was writing it then I already found the credits in the game.

My sister is the one who made the bg (randomowls). I asked her about it and she didn’t remember that she made it. it was four years ago and we both forgot.


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Thanks TCMS

With the whole design inconsistency, I’d like to propose a fix that would also introduce a new feature that would be super helpful – project info

It is cleaner and more functional, although I do see a potential drawback of this looking a little too complicated.