Version 3.40.0 Official Topic

I took a look at the bug and could not reproduce it. Do you have another test case I can try?


bruh why would you bump this

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Because I can.

And it’s fun to bump topics for some reason

Especially ancient topics for some reason.

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I wonder if I can bump a topic from 2016

Please don’t bump this topic-it doesn’t need it, and just randomly bumping old topics might get you in trouble (it got me in trouble once)


It has been deleted

Thank you
Unless it’s urgent-a bug that hasn’t been solved, something like that-please don’t bump
We don’t really need these topics anymore, because we have new update topics

Should this be clived then?

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What do y’all think?

Personally no, because maybe users will want to find older updates

as far as I know, we have not historically clived update topics, since they’re relevant to the history of Hopscotch!



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He types qzqzqz and he has a keyboard shortcut that turns it into bananas for some reason.

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Bumpity bump bump