Version 3.33.3 with new blocks: Min and Max


I think TheOnionSWE means a flip over block tho, so the character can do like a backflip or something.


Smth similar to that used to exist before haha. The spin custom rule, and then you could modify it.

The block ideas are all cool but they can all be done in other ways so yknow


With the Flip Over… i mean that this block can Made The Character go upside-down, instead of using turn degrees 180, or set angle 180.


Also, i now that you can do: Increase -10. But It should be cool if they added a Decrease block.

The fill block is useful if you want a background with only ONE colour, instead of doing: Draw A Trail, colour Blue, width 3000. Sooo much easier.

The green block is useful if you want an object to have TWO colours instead of only one.


Yes, the equivalent of the two blocks flip and set angle 180 combined


Yes, something like that.