Version 3.33.3 with new blocks: Min and Max


You can download it in the app store now to use two new math blocks: minimum and maximum.

Maximum: Will return the larger of two numbers. This is useful if you want to ensure a value never goes below zero when you are setting an object’s scale (so it doesn’t go upside down!).

Minimum: Will return the lesser of two numbers. This is useful if you want to make sure your object does not get too large for the screen. For example, you could use the minimum function to ensure that your object’s width is always less than the device’s width.

Let us know what you think!


That sounds awesome! Can’t wait to download it. Thanks!

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Sounds great! Are y’all still considering cloud variables?


This sounds super cool! I can´t wait to check out the update!


Whooo thanks!! Ima download asap!
Oh wait it auto updated and I already have it XD


neet! what would be a cool addition to hopscotch that should be added is an android port
Android version for Hopscotch? y’all said you would do it 3 years ago

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Wait, where are the min/max blocks? I can’t seem to find them.


Nice addition!


min/max is incredibly useful. I’ve seen another visual scripting thing(fancade, it’s in beta) and it’s one of the best math features for if you don’t want too much or too little of somehing.


Under math blocks. Useful if you want a limit on increase variable.

You could do: Set x to = min( x+1 )( 10 ) and it would increase by 1 until it reaches 10

Also useful on limiting lengths of number strings
Set Text min ( 100000 )( var ) saves you from super high numbers


@Ana @Awesome_E

Is the performance bug being worked on still?

The white screen bug, which freezes the project until you reopen it (using the home button) is happening very frequently on a project BumpSplat, AE, FP, TheDrawer, and I are working on. It happens almost every time we press the restart (or edit and play) button more than 2 times.

I think either you, Ana, or awesomeonion said that the performance pertains to the odd white screen bug

Due to the fact that this project is for a contest, we might not be able to release the project for you guys to see what’s wrong, however, you can ask @FearlessPhoenix as they are the group captain

Performance issues and other bugs

You meant to tag @awesomeonion?

It never happens to me on iPad iOS 11.3.1 but is an issue on iPhone iOS 12.0.1


I have an iPad iOS 11 and it happens to me on there.
Also have an iPhone with the latest iOS and still happens on that too


oh yeah I was thinking the shape bug, but my iOS 11.3.1 iPad still has less issues.

Maybe you have iOS 11.4.x but who knows


Iddly enough, mine both have the same amount.

I get the shape bug there too actually

And maybe we should go to a diff topic?


This sounds good! Can You please add these blocks also⬇️


Ooh, I like the repeat until block idea

However, this can be manipulated through the use of custom rules



Decrease blank by 10

is the same as

Increase blank by -10


I like the repeat until, except most of those can already be done.
The fill can be done by drawing a large trail.
The decrease value can be used by putting a negative number in the increase value block.
Flip over can prob be done by using the set width and height blocks. Or the jump custom rule.

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There’s already a flip one.

Unless they took that away.