Velveeta Keeta's Guide to Making Better Projects and Getting Featured!



Dont always expect to get your project featured.
Being Featured, Trending, or a Game Changer isn't the goal on Hopscotch. It's to have fun coding, no matter if you receive 1 like or 10 trillion. Don't ever feel bad if you don't make it on Featured. Just continue having fun and coding!

Improve upon your old work
This is a good way to get better at coding. Whenever you create a new project, think: Is this project higher quality than my last one? Work on improving your projects continually and you will improve. Of course, it doesn't always need to be better than your last one ALL the time. This is how I went from chat rooms to 3D text that shifts through multiple colors.

Learn by Branching
Another great method! Looking at other quality projects and looking in their code is a great way to improve. Change things around, examine the code, and create a cool new version! You'll be learning from other people and that's great. Some people have great code that will help you advance your skills and learn new things about making projects. Plus, you'll be able to see how creators make their projects!

Keep a Pattern
Keeping a pattern of coding will help you improve your skills little by little over time! Once you get in the habit of it, you start to learn more and more and create better projects. The Hopscotch Team actually has an article on this!

Find inspiration
There are many great projects and Hopscotchers around that you'll never be out of new ideas! Go to any category and find some projects. Take note of the features you like from them - and draw new ideas from that! Or, find your favorite Hopscotcher, and take note from them!

Be original
This is what I do when I create projects: I think of something unique and cool that hasn't been done before, and turn it into a project! Try to make something that will knock the socks off of everyone who plays! Projects that are creative, original, and fun have a higher chance to get on Featured, from what I've seen.

Dont worry about time
Never worry about releasing your projects as soon as you can! When you take your time to work on your project, it becomes even better and better than what it would've been if you released it earlier. Like they say, Greece wasn't built in a day! Or was it something else? I have no idea.

Have fun and be yourself
This is the most important rule! Don't get sad if your project doesn't get much likes, just have fun and create more! Being yourself can help you have more fun creating. Everyone else making lotteries? Create a fun game based on what you like, don't follow the crowd and make the thousandth lottery! When you have fun making projects on Hopdcotch, you get better and create memories.

The quest to get on featured! (The ultimate guide)
The ultimate guide to getting featured!
How do you get featured? ☹️☹️☹️☹️

And stay determined!


Knowing that one day you might get featured... fills you with DETERMINATION.



But isn't getting on featured or game changers a goal for Hopscotchers? Isn't it motivating hopscotchers to work harder and code more? And when they do get on it they feel good right? So isn't getting on there a goal? And I'm sure if they do get on there they do enjoy coding!


But getting on featured is SUPER hard showing that we have tons of new hopscotchers. I think a few would quit because they expect their first project to do good...


But if they don't get it get on featured, it will motivate them to work harder! I haven't been on featured for awhile, but that's not stopping me!


What if they're not wearing socks?


33 seconds left! Here's a like for now! :heart:


Knock their feet off? I'm not paying for the hospital bills though.


Aaaaaaand I ran out of likes again. :heart:


Also, if everyone got on Featured, Featured would have a low value


I know, it's an expression. Try knocking their pants or underwear off.


I'm glad I made this, hopefully it can help others still!


Yeah dont worry, it helped me and loads of others im sure @Calico2.0