Vector characters blurry?


I've noticed a bug with the characters in Hopscotch, including text and shapes.
Since they are Vector pictures they shouldn't be blurry at all even if they are zoomed in on. This, however, hasn't been working since a couple of updates ago.
I've compared Octopus set to size 5000 on a new draft and an old project.
(New to the left, old to the right)

These pictures aren't cropped and you can clearly see the difference in quality.

Was this intentional or a bug? Either way, it's really annoying and greatly decreases the quality of projects.


I am annoyed by this. I really want HD projects, but... i guess not
I wanted to make cool projects that look like they aren't buggy and blurry :sweat:


I'm not quite sure. What, it happens with all of the characters?


Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. It's really weird, this bug..


I've noticed this for a while now. Same deal with the shapes, and even text.


Me too.

Make something grow and it'll be blurry.


I believe that's a bug with JPEG smoothing, and it this bug used to happen a long time ago (Worse so, now. Texts has it even blurrier).

My dad had told me of a different software that's much better at the smoothing (he said that the JPEG blurriness was in fact intentional). I'd have to ask him what it was..


@Liza @Rodrigo
Is this bug intentional?

It's not even blurry in the editor...


I remember the characters used to be really sharp when made bigger, along with text too (you used to be able to make these emojis :scroll::page_with_curl::book::pencil: big enough to read the text on them. By the way, if you ever do that, you might discover something cool :sunglasses: here's to the crazy ones!)

But now they're definitely a lot blurrier

Edit: Now that I know more about the 'Here's to the crazy ones' part, I would have linked this:


I noticed this 10 months ago.
But still, hasn't been fixed.


Yeah, it's been a thing for a long time.


We've been switching on the core technology behind the Player. Nothing should be blurred. We're gonna release som fixes soon.


Nice! That's great!
Did you switch the smoothing software that you use?


I just want to bump this because I have the same problem

That was from over a year ago

This is from today.

Same exact text object (from FancyKey Pro)

(Just trying to remake the game to have the newest update of Hopscotch)

But anyway the difference between 2015/16 and 2017 is pretty big.

I’m guessing this isn’t going to be fixed anytime soon, or if there is anyway to fix.



Yeah, that’s weird and I hope that it will be fixed soon.



Cool! I guess this isn’t really an issue then.


@Liza @Rodrigo @Sam

Current version:

Before self:

There’s quite a difference in quality between these two versions, mostly between the two texts.
This is pretty annoying, is there any possibility that you can



We’re totally aware of this. We need to work on it. :frowning:


A lot messed up after self, especially pixel texts.