Variables cannot be deleted outside of advanced mode

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1 sentence description of the problem: You can no longer delete variables

Steps that the Hopscotch team can take to reproduce my problem every time:

  1. Make a variable
  2. Try to delete it

I expected this to happen:
The delete button would be there
But instead this happened:
The delete button was not there. The variable was now in the 12th dimension and was totally invincible. The variable had reached god status. The variable would exist forever and ever. It can never be removed. The variable will outlive you and the universe itself.

Steps that people using Hopscotch (who don’t know about JSON editing meaning they can’t remove these variables) would take and accidentally reproduce the problem every time:

  1. Go into a draft you have no backup of
  2. Add some more things to the draft
  3. Get sidetracked and spend about half an hour creating random variables out of boredom
  4. Realize that you can’t actually delete the variables, and that you created so many that the project is actually lagging due to the amount of variables you made
  5. Check for backups, realize you never made any, and reevaluate your life choices

You would have expected this to happen:
You have wasted about an hour deleting all of the useless variables you had made
But instead this happened:
You are now stuck with a laggy draft with a bunch of useless variables


Yeah it is a bug — object, game and user variables can only be deleted in advanced mode at the moment. It is on our list to fix.


Just out of curiosity, can the variables be deleted even when used?


you can try to test it yourself if you want


I can’t- I don’t have advanced mode :)


I think it does remove it from all of your code if you delete a variable.


the bug is where you can’t delete it if you aren’t on advanced mode


Yeah it does remove from all your code when deleted (though there is a little visual glitch). And yep when the bug is fixed, it should be deletable outside of advanced mode.


This should be fixed now, in the new update with Set Background color. People should be able to delete variables without advanced mode.

(I started getting involved with the dev side and fixed this^^)


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It’s fixed, but now I can’t delete local variables.


So currently it is intentional that local variables aren’t deletable in the editor, as they will remove themselves from the keyboard when they’re no longer used, or if they don’t exist the scope.

There’s some more information available here on local variables:

If a local variable is not used anywhere in the current scope, it will not appear on the Variables keyboard.



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