VanillaBlossom🌸 is Hacking Me!



I'm getting hacked by my old friend. I told her my password and trusted her, but then she got in and Sid mean stuff! She said she hated me, and I copied here, which I didn't. She said that if I go into her account again, she will report me, even though she goes into my account! I'm tired and sock of it! Someone, please help me! Also, @VanillaBlossom, if you see this, I'm not going to give you Pringles. I might just quit because of her. She gets so mad easily!


Would you like me to email THT? They won't get back until tomorrow tho


This is not right! Your friend shouldn't do this to you! Tell an adult or tell your friend how you really feel. It may help!


Change your forum password by going into your preferences! And remember, never tell anyone your password, even if it's your most trusted friend! :wink:


That's no good!

I know how it feels, I was hacked by my most trusted friend too.

Change your password, ASAP! And don't go into her account again. I know she went into yours, but striking back does no good. She probably thinking the same way you are thinking right now, k? Change your pass, and don't hack her account again! :smiley:


I am linked with an account for my friend but.. He doesn't even like HS and I would Noogie him so hard in the head of he hacked my account and changed things that were bad. (I'm abusive) ;D


I'm learning about cyber safety at positive thinking at my school. Never share your password to anyone except your parents or your teacher. Even if it's your friend never share your password cause your freinds may not be your friends no offence but I think it's just really really really silly to give your password to your friends. Maybe tell your parents about this of email the hopscotch team.


I literally just watched a video of a girl who shared her password with her friend. The best solution is to do what the other hopscotchers told you. Change your password :D


You know she sounds like someone I know like #me but I not her. You shouldn't've told her the password


It is not right she hacks me too. I told her to stop hacking me and I would stop hacking her but she still does and she makes me look bad. She copies my drafts and uses the code for her own. And I said I wouldn't hack her anymore.


I never did. I don't hack you anymore. I haven't went to your account since before the fight. Besides, when I go into your account, I don't say I ha.te you. And check ur profile, I haven't went into ur account. Look in ur account.


I said I don't hack her anymore and I promised. She lied to me and still went to my account. I only went in it to see if she replied. I even gave her my forum account she is NOW using. That account is actually MINE! I didn't like the name.


Well, you gave it to me.


Well, I used my email so I have the right to take it back!


I gave it to her because I felt bad. She told me her mom wouldn't give her email so I helped.


That's not good. And you shouldn't tell anyone your password—unless it's your parents. And I wouldn't hack her back. Then she wouldn't like you and you could turn into a bully.


@VanillaBlossom, @EnchantedAnimallover, it's okay. Just stop hacking each other, and all will be good. :smiley: And if you are going to fight, do it all outside of Hopscotch and the forum. And think of it like this: Each one of you trusted each other so much, you gave each other your passwords. Doesn't it feel good to be trusted? Don't brake that trust.


Thanks! Thats good advice, @SmileyAlyssa but she is mad at me. :frowning: I said sorry but she didn't reply. I feel like I'm suddenly in a flame war. She didn't say sorry back though. I didn't mean to say hat.e but she always copies me and makes me feel like I can't make another project because she will copy me. I know that probably will not happen but what if? She got really mad at other people because someone copied her quote and fancy font project but I never got mad. I just delt with it, what if I can't deal with it now? And if you are seeing this @EnchantedAnimallover I'm really sorry for what I have done, and I did not go into your account and do something. Check. I know you probably made a few more haters for me but I don't care. I just care that we are friends again. I know this is corny, lol, but I really meant what I said!


Yeah, it's ok. Go into my account.... I said sorry there. Maybe I should recycle this topic, I dunno. Yep, you did go into my account. You said something about me. I didn't reply to your sorry cuz I thought it was fake. YPU saw me crying at school today. I got really angry that @Silver_girl thought I was mad at her.


My wifi on my iPad is not working, Im on my sis's computer. the wifi should come back after a few hours, im about to come back to hopscotch, i couldnt resist!