VanillaAngel's Reaction Topic



Okay, hello guys!

So since you tapped/clicked on here, you get to go through all my lists as always. :blush:

But first, let's start an explanation of what it is.

Okay, this is a topic where you tell me react to a certain project on hopscotch.
You send me the link, and after I am done looking at it, I will reply you my reaction. :smile: {I'm just hoping I won't go crazy XD}

Oh yeah, and, well actually...
Um, Let me put that on a list :wink:
I just came up with a new thing.

But we need to get to the point of this. ^w^
On to the lists!

{What, I just realized how much I say "Okay"
Okay, back to the topic Omg, again?! XD}

What you can ask me to react to:

  • Hopscotch projects
  • Music videos {Vocaloid, K-Pop}
  • Random pics and GIFs
  • Well, anything that I reply to and react to. And approve of, too!!!


  • Stuff may not include racism, sexism, etc.
  • Cannot argue over whatnot, because I don't see why you wold argue.
  • Do not Ask for me to react to stuff that I don't allow for you to ask =_=

I didn't add more lists like usual!

Well I decided to be lazy and eat ramen.
And it's me we're talking about, so...

But and I'm also busy. {Ahem, watching nekopara} *Me:But they're Nekos like me! Other me: Just get over it
Me: ...*

So that is it!

Okay, can't wait to react to your awesome stuff! :heart:


Can u do my game ?Guess the Pokemon ? It's on featured so it won't be hard to find XD


That. Was. Amazing.

I can't believe you remembered all those names?!

And it also reminds me of the show...
Since you know, that it would say "guess that Pokemon!".
Yeah, and also reminds me of when I got angry at the show because I thought... Nevermind

Great job!



Thx.:joy:Guess that Pokemon!!


Plez react to @Maltese's favourite GIF!


That. Hair. Though.
The smile, the scarf.

It turns up to one thing:

I'm going to have nightmares now.
{Just try to see it in my perspective.}

Well, not literal....


You sound just like @Maltese :joy:


What do you think about these?


reads posts

yes @VanillaAngel very much sounds like me actually


How. About. Yes.


The Internet inc. person is being very serious.
{Just so you know, I made up internet inc.}

Okay, wait, what?
That person is right handed! {As am I}

Well those are my boring reactions XD

I liked them a lot, actually.

Nice radomness for ya ;D


Space pants.


Well isn't that neat.

{What the heck is happening?
I mean, I think that everything is real. But then I don't think that the hair is real. Meaning that he didn't get a haircut to get it to look like that. Or the question is is he even real! What is this?}


Ye search up space pants it's an act from Saturday night live


That. Was. Amazing...

Well now I have something new stuck in my head.


What do you mean?


I mean that since he has the watch on his left hand, that means he's right handed. Because you are supposed to put a watch on your wrist that is less dominant than the other.


Oh. I'm also right-handed.


Doesn't mean that for sure :stuck_out_tongue:


Well isn't that neat?

In cantarella, of course, Kaito kills Len, just because Miku loved Len instead of him... Like seriously Kaito?

And then he made her drink this magical drink or something to make her fall in love with him...I mean, seriously. She didn't even love you in the first place, and when you two were together she wasn't even happy.

Kaito, you weirdo.

And also since you killed Len, your getting it.

{Kaitos innocence will not get him anywhere}