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Welcome to my General Topic, everyone!

Here I can chat, answer questions, get feedback, make polls, show sneak peeks, and much more! Nya!

Here you can...

  • Ask questions

  • Give feedback

  • Chat with me

  • And more, if you want!

This can also be related to @KatrinaPlays


  • Be nice!

  • No racism, sexism, etc.

  • Please do not be innapropriate!

  • Stay on Topic!

  • Do not argue, please! I want to keep this positive.


My feet are very painful, so I cannot walk today.
But at least that means more hopscotch!!!

So let's begin!


She said don't reply to this.


A random rule-follower gives you the look


Anyone want to start?!


I keep thinking your going to say nyau.



I also never knew you can talk Swedish


More precisely, Japanese translation.

"Nyan" Familiar?
I say "Nya" instead for some other reason, to be honest I don't know why.

I just like to confuse myself sometimes, I guess


And if I did speak Swedish, I wouldn't exactly want to use Google Translate.
I would suggest SYSTRANet for translations.




Oh, well then...
Heh, um...


Hey, it's @VanillaAngel!
On @KatrinaPlays.


Only twelve posts?



You know what I haven't said in a Long time?


Kagamitsune :heart:



clearly not retaping a sailor moon poster


Happy Anniversary @VanillaAngel!!:innocent::innocent::balloon::balloon::gift::gift::confetti_ball::confetti_ball::tada::tada: