Vanilla Art Group!


Ok. I was inspired by AvocadoDont to do this, anyways. If you commit to this you can't abandon in the middle of a request. I need to have skilled artist in this. I'm sorry but you need to be good at humans. Animals are acceptable though. This is not an art club! It's a place where people who are members of this club take and do requests. Instead of working hard alone, we do it together! I already have a few people in mind who I might want to join. But I won't say hehe. I'm sorry if you can't get in. We take our requests very seriously and will not spread the word. Being incognito almost:stuck_out_tongue:. Anyways. One member I elect will make a "requests" topic. It could be anyone's. The person will have to fill out the following
Skin tone:
Hair color:
Eye color:

Fur color:
Eye color:

This topic is not for requests! It's for sign ups. I hope people join lol. Anyways. We will discuss every Sunday or Saturday (whatever the majority of the group decided)

Here's how it works, let's say it's me, @LotsaPizza, @OrangeScent1, @PopTart0219. (Hint hint:stuck_out_tongue::sweat_smile:)
-If someone wanted a human request we would see who wanted to take on that human request depending on your human-drawing skills.

-If someone wanted a animal request we would see who wanted to take on that animal request depending on you animal-drawing skills.

I am not trying to sound mean if I did:grin::sweat_smile::slightly_smiling:. I thought of it as a way to bring us artists together in a community! So, if you wanted to sign up and try for a spot. Go right ahead! There are 10 spots!


I could help do humans if you want. If you are not sure, you can look at my profile and decide.


Lol my names Hannah. What's you Hopscotch?


@OrangeScent1 @LotsaPizza have been summoned.


No way! That's my name, too! (same spelling also!) On the app, Glitter Kitty.


LOL the almighty. How's my new profile pic? Guess what it's from @Follow4LikesOfficial:blush:


Wow, no joke. Your humans are really good. If you are to join, I accept you into it! Only for humans though. I like the Elsa drawing!


Thanks! Weird we have the same name, huh?


Yeah! Super cool actually!


@VanillaOwl aww! I'm honored you'd be inspired by a thing I did :relaxed: Thank you!


Heh, your welcome! I like being inspired.


Ok -joins- dun dun dun
And really guys? You blocked my topic in under 9 hours.


Kewl. I'm in.


4 humans, @VanillaOwl. :blush:


Oh I did? I had no clue lol ok members so far:


Can someone look at my profile card? Does it say things?


Hey can I join?
I take requests on Hopscotch, I wouldn't say I'm super good but I'm decent..
I draw better on paper!


I would need to see an example of art


Ok.. Umm..
Here's some paper art:

And my hopscotch art:


Ok! You are in! Bill Cipher I see hehehe.