Values What do they what do they do


I still don't understand the meaning of values??Can someone help me and explain to me how to use them and what the mean:pensive:


Values are variables. Think of them as sort of an ability with numbers you can change around.

They store a number when you tell it to, and whenever you use that value, it replaces the value for the number.

For example, let's say you have a variable called "#" (such a great name).
Then you Set Value # to 5. Then you Set Postion of an object to (#,200). It will Set Position to (5,200).

Then you Increase Value # by 200, and finally Change X by #. The position is now (205,200).

If you replace a number with a value before you Increase or Set Value, it will equal zero. This is because this is the default number it sets to before you change it.

Basically, values are variables that can store a number and be used for other rules. They are very helpful, especially of you are using something that frequently changes, like a score.

This was pretty long, but I hope I helped!

What are values?

Thanks that was helpful now I understand when I was on hopscotch nobody answered properly thanks that was helpful


Oops this is the wrong topic sorry but I :heart: Values