Value tutorial tips



So I'm making a huge value tutorial. Any tips of what kind of things I should teach in the toturial?


Make a new value increasing and setting and explain that they are invisible numbers!


Explain how you can do this:

When the play button is tapped

Repeat forever: Set text to [a value]


Thanks everyone!


Are you still taking suggestions?


Yes!! Do you have any?


How to use 1 and 0 as true and false


What do you mean by that? I will add it if you can clarify what you mean by that.


Say you have a start button in a game. You might do this

When Start is Tapped = 1
Set Invisibility %100

BOLD is the value

You would use 1 as true, same as When Start Is Tapped = True

0 could also be used as false in more complex coding

Does this help you more??


A little, I think I understand. I might put this in the tutorial