Value glitch breaking my brain!



Help me. Hopscotch has officially murdered me. This glitch has broke my brain while I've been making a very easy project.

I tap the circled value. Look at who's value it is right now.

And now look who has claimed it! This glitch is killing me. Heeellllpppp.


Just ignore the A because we can obviously see that it's "O"'s value and can you post the link so I can be sure?


Ok. This link is here


@Hoppertoscotch this is a glitch with "O"'s values because as I can see you made the value "lookout 2" in "A"'s value menu so that makes it "A"'s value
Anyway this is what I see:

So it's not a big deal it's only a glitch
Just remember that it's "A"'s value


What's also weird is I never gave O a value!


Don't worry it's only a glitch just ignore that value:wink:


I just checked out the project right now and O had no extra values so it does look like a random glitch. I don't think you renamed O or anything as well, did you? Oh well, like @Gabe_N said, don't worry and just ignore it :smiley:


Whoa that's kind of confusing @Hoppertoscotch! Sorry about this bug!

Like others said, you can ignore it for now and create your project otherwise normally. But I'm going to investigate what might be happening and hopefully we can fix this for the next update, because it's confusing!

Sorry again!


Thanks, @lan! I'm worried if people want to see how I did this, they will get mixed up be the glitch! Hopefully you can find out what caused it to trigger! I will report if this happens again.