Valgo's Old Days



I was scrolling through @Valgo's profile and took some screenshots of some things.

Wait, what!? Valgo remixed somebody!?

More remixes.

Just LOOK at how many likes these got.

Valgo's First Project.

Note: I am not trying to be mean in any way.

Magmapop's early days

Well, he may have remixed before, but then he/she made awesome coded projects


Wait, ARE THOSE RECENT! I'm going to check Edit: they are not recent


I know thats why its called Valgo's OLD days. :wink:


I don't know how to reply without offending @JaggedJeans
I have too much respect for @Valgo to say anything negative about him.


Off topic:

Actually, why DON'T famous hopscotchers remix projects?


What are you going to say?


Because they don't want to ruin their reputation


Valgo didn't do anything wrong. He/She has just changed their ways.


Why is his tagged donald_trump? Was that a joke?


Um yeah... That's weird....


What does Donald Trump have to do with Valgo? UNLESS...get ready for how Valgo and Donald Trump are the Illimanti


@Valgo was actually a lot like me when I first started! Wow! :smile:

I remember when I made the Diarrhea project with Chillana pooping in it XD


Woah... I started off so bad... Hehehe I made birds drawing spirals xD That was only in November! Wow I've improved so much! :joy:


Yes, it was a joke. XD


I think that can be insulting to lots of people.


I am a boy.


Sorry for being off topic but why is one of the tags Donald Trump XD


It's a joke :arrow_up: It's funny in a way though. :laughing:


IDK, but I may or may not secretly be Donald Trump... :sweat_smile:


Nope, just kidding, I'm not Donald Trump!