Valgo's Game Making Contest! :D


So, I've decided to do a contest. You have to make a game. It can be any game you want. I will be giving out prizes to the top 5. Here is the judging sheet:

  • How fun to play? (0 through 10)
  • How creative is the game? Original ideas for game. (0 through 10)
  • How many bugs are there? Less is better. (0 through 10)
  • How creative is the coding behind the game? (0 through 10)
  • How much quality is the game? You don't need custom images for a good quality game. (0 through 10)

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- Shoutout on @Valgo's profile
- 20 likes from @Valgo
- Folow from @EnchantedAnimallover
- 30 likes and follow from @DMF
- Free customer for a day to Enchy's kindness buisness
- Pixel art project (simple) From @EnchantedAnimallover
- Trail art project from @EnchantedAnimallover
- Full color/shading art piece from @Waffle_Draws
-Follow form @Hero_Dino
-3 pixel art request from @Hero_Dino
-35 likes form @Hero_Dino
-Follow and a request from @BellaWafflez17
- Follow and 10 likes from @PumpkinGirl
-Follow, 30 likes and a free logo from @William04GamerA
-Follow, shoutout, and pixel art request from @AwesomeNachos
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- Sketch from @Waffle_Draws
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- Likes from @EnchantedAnimallover
- 5 likes from @DMF
- Sketch from @Waffle_Draws
- 10 likes from @William04GamerA

Note: You can add your own prizes! Just edit this post and add them in!

Entries due on 9/16/16. Put a link to the project into your post. Make sure to mention your hopscotch name!
Good luck and have fun!


I'll try! (go senpai! @Valgo)

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looks cool!! :D

i added some prizes from myself, it's the best i can do w/o the app sorry ^^;

i'll bookmark it but in case i don't see it would someone @ me with the winners when it's over?


I will do that. I will tag all of the prize winners, as well as the ones who are giving the prizes.


@Valgo, I want to enter, but Im not good at ha,es at all. I feel like it takes too long to make. I havent really made a real game before without the video.

Im pretty sure Im unworthy (xD) but csn i help u judge?


Hi @Valgo
When is this challenge going to end?
Oh wait NVM.
I can't enter. 2 busy. Exam is coming.
But I'd love to help you judge.


I think I will be the only judge. I made a Google doc where I will put in all the scores, and you know the out-of-forum-communication rules. Sorry. @Hero_Dino, this applies to you too.


I understand senpai


What kind of games r u looking for?


Oh, ok. Its fine. I was just thinking pf using lpunge and "keeping thongs provate" that way. xD


I will just watch. Even though I laik love the prizes. xD


When are projects due?


Never mind I figured it out ^^^


Look above
@ Valgo's topic first post or whatsoever


Can it be a game we already published, but adding more to it? Like, I want to revamp my noise balls to make it look much better. Can I do that? I'll add more code also! @valgo please answer!


I think you could do that. Just make sure you made the original game.


Any kind


@Valgo Can I give prizes? :D


@Valgo is it possible if you stretched the date to 9/19/16?


@Valgo I want to ask u a question.
Because I broke my arm I can't code now instead can I judge with u please