Valgo's Free-to-use Hopscotch Image Resource!



What is this?

This is a Google drive folder created by me. It will contain some sprites free to use in projects. These sprites are made by Hopscotchers, for Hopscotchers. Anyone can add in sprites (I show how below).

How do I get to the folder?

Simply use this link: Here!

How do I get these sprites onto my IPad?

Follow these steps:
1. Go into the Google drive folder, and select the image you want. Then, click on the button that is circled in red:

2. Click on the button that says "Send a copy":

3. Click on the "Save image" button:

Now the picture is ready to be used in your project!

Note: Please give credit to whoever put in the picture in your project. If the picture is called "Valgo - Simplistic Background", then give credit to Valgo (me).

How do I upload my Sprite to the folder for others to use?

This little tutorial will be from the images, so get your Sprite into the images on the IPad first.
Please upload the image ONLY IF:
1. The image is created by you OR whoever created it gave you permission to use it AND
2. You are 100% OK with someone using them in their project (with credit)
1. Go find your image in the camera app and click on this icon:

2. Click on the little Google drive icon:

3. Click on the little folder that says "My Drive" next to it.

4. Find the folder "Hopscotch Free Graphics" in the list and click on it:

5. Click "Save Here":

6. Click on the name and change it to this format:

7. Click "Upload":

Thanks for reading, and I hope this will be helpful to subscribers! -V


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So cool!! This is really awesome! Thanks for starting it!!

Maybe we should start a category in the forum for people to share images? That way you won't have to leave the forum or use email addresses?


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I think that would be a great idea!


Great Idea! I just thought this would be cool, too!


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Amazing idea @Liza! :D


Okay, why don't we do that instead of the Google Drive? This way, you don't have to share any personal information or have google to use it!

I'll create a new category called Assets and you can create topics for different types of assets, like backgrounds, characters, etc?

What do you guys think?


Yes, please do!

How hard is it to add categories? I know you do it through discourse! :blush:


Sounds good to me. Thanks for all the work you put into the Google drive @Valgo even if we don't end up using it. (now everyone doesn't have to leave the forum to see your resources :smiley: )


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awesome idea as always, @Liza! :DD


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Sounds good to me! :smiley:


Great tutorial!

Like @Huggingfluffybear said, sharing emails and communication outside the forum isn't allowed, but Liza explained that well. If you want to know more, check out these topics! :D


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