Valentines Day Projects and Drawings



Hi! If you have any Valentines Day projects or drawings, please share them here! I’d love to see them :D

Here’s a project I made, it’s really bad and simple but I like it (^-^)

Thanks! ;DD



Well I drew this:

I put it on the drawing topic.

I hope it’s okay to put it here as well.


Yes it’s okay! Also that drawing is awesome :DDD





You’re welcome!


I was going to make something based on my OTP, but I didn’t feel like finishing it.



That’s really cool!! :D


Awesome topic!

That artwork is really cool, @Fluffymarshmellow


Thanks. :3


Mine is very simple…but I rarely do shape art in the first place


Here’s a drawing not the best but I’m proud!


Cool Art @Ducks_Happy!


Thank you @FRENCH_WAVE123


Your welcome @Ducks_Happy!


Happy V day! Cool topic!


I have a sketch in my sketchbook…


I made a weird comic thing

Oh and this is very off topic, but hey Lolly, you know that girl who said she was you at my school and made a huge lie? I asked her again now that it has been a long time, but she says that she colaborated with you to make many projects and bragged how she knows many famous hopscotchers


Cool comic XD :DDD
It’s kinda funny how she won’t give up, I can confirm I’ve never collaborated with her XP


That’s so cute and creative!! :DD