Valentines Day Platformer - Speedrun

How do u do that???

Lol I can still get it in 7 seconds without it

You have to find it, unless someone wants to tell everyone

Kinda like in a real game

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Not good but good start

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Same lol

(Not a speed run)

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Yeah I found it it’s the (bleep)


Ok guys do it without that please

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Well, I got a 6

The highest I’ve gotten (without the skips) is 8

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WHAT IS THE SKIP. I DIDNT FIND IT YET. I only found the skip on the second level.

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Remember ty not post too many images. Limit it to 3/week

You can take the screenshot anyway, just don’t post them until you’ve got a definitive best


I know. That’s why I usually remix and post the link instead of taking a screenshot.

Yep, just a general reminder for everyone, not directed at you:))


I got 14 secs without skip

But 2 secs with skip
Actually 11 secs without skip

That’s not a skip
But still a faster method
The skip is hidden in plain sight

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I accidentally found the skip while drinking water. Also I can do the second level without the secret skip and still get 2 second time.

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