Valentine's Day Party


Haha beat f4lo to it.
@BuildASnowman @kiwicute2016 can we have permission?
Thanks and happy v day.


@friendship2468, I'm not sure if you have realized this, but the gif has a bad word on it. :(

Happy Valentine's Day! :D


Happy Valentines Day!!!


Hmm. I think that there have been a lot of parties recently, and a Valentine's day party might get heated, with this love thing, and there are after all, a lot of young children! You can make a collab though! I'll allow little chit chats here and there if you plan a collab :wink:!


Maybe, we could talk about how great Valentine's Day is and Collab to make Valentine's Day Projects. Besides, we're under 10, and that isn't the best age for dating. Maybe we could cancel virtual dating.


So this isn't a go off topic party?


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Right. This isn't a Let's go party until midnight and spam the forum with random posts.
It's much more subtle. More like Let's have a collab. I have a story about Valentine's day that might help our collab. etc.


Well people on the forum are very mature!! So I think we should do one!


Or the LGPUMASTFWRP. Hmm. Too long. New name :l


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I knew that was not right spelling dating is gross!:grimacing:


also valentines day is a religious holiday (Christian and Catholic) so I would say to close this


So is Christmas.... But we already had a forum party about that


I say we should keep this. Don't get lovey-dovey tho!


I agree. I never wanted s party on vslentines day. There is nothing interesting to talk about, related to hopscotch or just in general. It's just... A day.


Are we able to do a collab? I think you've seen some of my projects because you liked them! If your wanna hear some of my ideas I can tell you!


Well we could just go a little off topic and what we did today!


Welcome to the forum!


So @Kiwicute2016 or @PopTart0219 I think this is what we should

  1. Talk about what we did today!

  2. Mabey go slightly off topic!

  3. Don't go lovey

I do not think we will go lovey cause we are mature and know better

  1. If people do get gross close right away

  2. I would be on till like 9:30 p.m eastern

  3. We can talk about that PULL THAT PEACH! Add! Just kidding!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::wink: