Valentine's Day Forum Party On February 15?



Should we do a Valentine's Day party on February 15 ( the day after Valentine's Day because we want to be our family )?



Even if we do a party, it shouldn't be huge. It isn't that big of a holiday, and it may get too "lovey"


Yeah, we should ask @Liza, or @BuildASnowman.


I agree, I don't want people to start "dating" and such.

If it does happen, I'll flag. Sorry but I will.


Personally, I think there should be a small gathering on Valentine's Day. I don't see any good in a forum party, but that's up to you


I think it's an OK idea, I just don't want people getting off topic and then arguing and then people getting flagged when they shouldn't have, but I wouldn't go on at all.
1) My BFF will be in town (GG000)
2) My grandma died on Valentine's Day
3) I got my now dead cat on Valentine's Day (inherited from grandma)
4) My grandpa is on life support, and we may randomly go to Florida... My grandma is dealing with some students at her school that can't be handled and needs extra help, and her awesome puppy is chewing her couch to shreds...


Well, let's let the vote and the @admins and @moderators decide, @LazyLizard, @PopTart0219, and @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf, and @AmazingAlphaAquaWolf, I will flag too if that happens. I will also ask for people to flag and for people to close down the topic.


Ok, I'd be 100% willing to help out in any way! I feel super guilty every time I flag.
Note to da flaggers dat flag 4 fun: Leaders and Moderators can see who flags what... And you can get suspended for it!


I will also ask for the topic to be closed.

I honestly don't think there should be a party, cuz it's not a big holiday, but lets let the admins and mods decide.
(insert shrug emoji)


Maybe kind of a party, but we should encourage everybody to at least talk about hopscotch a bit!



Everyone could make nice valentines cards on hopscotch and make it say something nice, and then publish it to a hopscotcher


"The Lonely Crew" is kinda a Hopscotch related forum party!


I say if we do it, it should be on the 14th.


Let's do it it is a holiday and we did it for New Years why not Valentine's Day?


But it should be on the 15, our parents probably want us to spend time with them, right? Ours do. We wouldn't be open that day!


Yea, I won't be on much on da 14th. I'll be with meh family and eating candy with meh sisters :D


Yeah, we will be in our sunroom doing a family Valentine's Day party. We would be the host, and you can't have a party without the host.


Sorry if I sound like a noob, but what's a sunroom?


Cool! I've seen those before I think. I think it was meh mom's friend's house IDK rlly


When should we do it if we get permission?

  • February 14
  • February 15