Valentines Day Event 2017

Hey everyone! I have decided to have a Valentines Day Competition.
All that you need to do to enter is make a cool valentine related project (a game, art, trail art, pixel art, a card, a poem, etc...) and post the link here along with your Hopscotch nickname.
There are also fun prizes!
1 place- A follow and likes on all their projects and a request for a game made my me, Flawless Falcon
2 place- A follow and 40 likes and a shoutout plus a trail art request
3 place- A follow and 40 likes and a shoutout
Runner Up 1- A follow and 40 likes
Runner Up 2- A follow and 40 likes
Runner Up 3- A follow and 40 likes

Everyone who participates will receive a huge congratulations plus a follow and 10 likes.

Submissions are do by February 14, 2017. Good luck, and have fun making your projects!!!

Happy Valentines Day!!!!!!!

*Note: This is not a competition for who is the best coder. If you do not win, you still (hopefully) had fun, and that is ALL that matters.

Judges Link:


Do you need any judges?


Sure! That's a wonderful idea. You can be one of the judges if you want. But we'll have to communicate so we can decide. I can create another topic on February 14, 2017 for the judges to discuss. I'll tell you the title then!
Thank you so much!


Cool! Sure I'll be a judge!


What????? What do u mean???

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Just a reminder for the future @Currency5097193, this post is not related to the topic. Also, this is the internet. Anything you put on here can be seen by anyone with access to the internet.

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About the competition or the post before yours?
You can tag me anytime between now and the 14 @Hermione if you are confused about the competition.

Wait, you have never met him irl...Do u know him irl?

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Everybody, please keep in mind that this topic is for entries and questions about the Valentines Day Event, If you would like to create a topic about who likes who, you may. Just please don't talk about that on this topic.
Thank you!

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No i meant internet kind lol I was joking smh


Entries are due tomorrow! Happy Valentines Day!
@Sweetlina the I am about to create the topic. It will be called "Judges for Valentines Event 2017" so look out for it!