Valentine's Day Cautions



It's near that time of year- Valentine's Day. Even though it is time to send love (I don't know how to put that...), it doesn't mean you should start doing it in hopscotch. Here are dos and donts of what you should do

- Chat with others
- Admit feelings
- Make innapropriate projects
- make projects that make people want to throw up
- reveal personal info to meet in person (biggest no-no ever)
- Play tricks on people, tricks are for April Fool's Day!
- Make date projects
- Be mean
- Do too much "lovey-dovey" stuff
- Make people throw up

- Report innapropriate projects
- Keep your thoughts of one to yourself in Hopscotch
- Make a card for all of hopscotch!
- Make fun games!
- keep your love life irl
- make fun games/projects everyone can enjoy
- Make fun Valentine's Day projects for everyone to enjoy!
- Follow The Hopscotch Team ( sorry if that one isn't Valentine's Day related )!
- Spread the love by liking random projects and following random Hopscotchers


I would like but I can't so :heart::heart::heart:


Should we have a forum party?

  • ya
  • na



Is my love tester game OK? It's supposed to be Hopscotch related I don't know if it's inappropriate.


Dating's bad enough already...but on Valentine's Day? People...making...
(throws up in trash can)
K sorry


Here's a like! :heart:


:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:, :heart:


It is because there isn't anything directed to someone and there's no chatting :wink:


I'm still going to make a card for all of Hopscotch!


I think it's too small of a holiday for a forum party. Maybe for Christmas or New Years, though!


Yeah, that's fine! But I confessing to people they don't even know...


As @OrangeScent1 once said:
The polls will talk for itself



Everyone said yes @Kiwicute2016 :smirk:


Even though it is a holiday, it isn't major enough to have a forum party.



Lol and @CreativeCoder yah I'm not doing something like that!!! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Here's more!


-keep your weird love life irl
-make fun games/projects everyone can enjoy


-make projects that make me want to throw up
-reveal personal info to meet in person (biggest no-no ever)


These are very useful, I added them to my list :slightly_smiling:


Can't like so :heart::heart::heart:


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