Vacations compared to at Home (places, sights, etc.)


This is the topic to share your adventures on vacation/holiday...
Or just some pictures from visiting your grandma! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

- Share epic pics from your trips!
- Teach some words you learnt (if you went to a place that didn't speak English)!
- Tell about what the food was like, what the hotel you stayed at was like (if you stayed at one), and some pretty sightings you saw!

Travel on, and have fun!

Guess what



How is this related to hopscotch? :0


Oh yeah

You can code the places you went to in hopscotch! :00


Cool! The words "hej" and "hallå" in the pictures are Swedish :slight_smile:
I haven´t been on any vacation recently.


Thanks :smiley:


Without photos of actual people in it! ;0:0:0::0:0:0


Yeah of course :3

(Or just with covered up faces/bodies)


Привет :slight_smile:


Off topic but why is the forum so quiet? This is the first updated topic in 22 min.


Well, obviously you can, but that doesn't mean that this is Hopscotch related. You should encourage people to make HS-related projects instead of just talk about it :slight_smile:


Ikr? It's so quiet today :stuck_out_tongue:


Ok :D



Code a place you went to this summer! :DD

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My hopscotch vacation adventure!

In June, I was going to do hopscotch

But the I was lazy and watched YouTube!




Why did this get 3 likes?! It's just "hello" on Russian!


1 hr revive :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm actually from China lol


I'm waiting for summer now. It's spring


I've went to......

And idk