Vacation + Family = Inactivity ):


Hi Hopscotchers! :smile:

So, a school vacation is coming up, which means I get Thursday and Friday off! (Some kind of teachers' convention, I think. I dunno XD)

I'll be vacationing Thursday-Sunday, and my only WiFi where I'm going is our family's small, portable hotspot. So I might not be on as much, and I may possibly be on during the multiple-hour drive.

However, my grandparents are coming with us, too. We haven't seen them since June, so we'll be hanging out with them. Because of this, I'll be off even more. They're coming tomorrow after school, so I'll probably be off all of tomorrow.

Basically, expect some inactivity from me tomorrow-Sunday!



Ok, see you when you come back! Have fun :)


Ok I hope you have a great time




Have a great time. Man, I need a vacation too! XD


Cool, my school has Thursday and Friday off as well! :smile:

I hope you have fun! :smile:


Thanks for telling us :slight_smile:
Have a great time!


P.S:20th like!


Kewl, I got hols soon too!