Vacation Art Stuff!


<img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/6/1/61a13639144002a69cc5e9e30d0f31736cc436e8.jpeg" width="690" height="4</p>


Great drawings, @Blossem320!

This doesn't seem very HS related...
Maybe you can post this here?


That's really cool!

But make sure to post it in the drawing topic,

So you don't clog up the forums! :D
Amazing drawings!


nice drawings :thumbsup:

Can I use the first one as my profile picture?


have you noticed we have the same profile pics? BTW nice drawings!


Great art! Be sure to post all your cool art inside the drawing topic. (See Pingu's reply)
Also, usually hopscotchers post their art only in the drawing topic, so the hopscotch forum won't end up being too full.

One of your images didn't load completely. I fixed the code for the image. If you want, because this topic is here you can copy and paste the code into the spot where the image didn't load.

           <img src="/uploads/default/original/3X/6/1/61a13639144002a69cc5e9e30d0f31736cc436e8.jpeg" width="690" height="426">


Make sure to give art to the original artists! But, cool art!