V3.18.0 deletion/trash can (scrolling) bug


@Liza @Rodrigo @awesomeonion

The recent addition of the drag & drop trash can to editor to prevent accidental deletions is a reasonable idea, however...

The code scrolls up as you drag down to the trash can, so you lose your place. This makes deleting code blocks very frustrating.

This scrolling behavior drives the user to try to drag & drop on the trash can quickly before scrolling begins. Which in turn increases the risk of dropping the code block in an unintended place (which may not be noticed) if you don't quite drag it completely onto the trash can. It doesn't make sense to me to mitigate one risk by replacing it with another. Worse is that accidental deletion was already undoable so the risk was already mitigated. Now code might be moved instead of being deleted and not noticed, which would cause significant headaches.

Dragging down still needs to allow the code to scroll, but the scolling needs to be locked (off) when the drag event occurs over the trash can so the user can pause to confirm they're dropping the block in the intended location.

Please fix this behavior. If this can't easily be fixed, I'd much prefer the prior "drag-to-the-side to delete"

P.S. the Set Text block causing 'Whomp' was not fixed in v3.18.0. Why, oh why, do you continue to tinker with the GUI (causing new problems) instead of fixing the existing problems???


Hi @ThinBuffalo thanks for letting us know. This should not be hard to implement and it's totally a bug.


Hi @Rodrigo @Liza @awesomeonion

Another issue: In portrait mode (iPad), the trash bar isn't positioned at the bottom of the screen:


But you still have to drag the block all the way to the bottom to delete it:



Now in landscape mode the editor GUI doesn't let me delete anything, as the trash can doesn't show up. (I have to Cut blocks to remove them)


But now the trash bar does show up at the bottom of portrait mode as intended


Unless you've pushed an update that changed things, I'd speculate this is due, somehow, to fact I've been switching back and forth between landscape & portrait


I never noticed that! Hopefully THT will fix these problems :wink:


You're right, it shouldn't scroll while you hover over the trash. We added
this to our dev backlog.


Thank you @awesomeonion. Did you see the additional bugs noted in post # 3?


Not sure what you mean by Post #3—which are you referring to?

We're going to look into the this (trash can/scrolling) bug and the file size bug today.



This post as in post 3 in the topic


Thanks for reposting @Snoopy!


Thanks @Snoopy

@Liza Sorry, I'd meant the 3rd post in this topic.


This should be fixed in the beta we just pushed! Thanks again for flagging.