V2.3.0 beta10 Release Notes + v2.3.0 RELEASE date and Release Notes


Today is a little bit of a weird update topic. I will be going over the beta10, which actually came out a few days ago, but I will also be going over the full v2.3.0 release, which is exciting! Just a reminder if you want to be tagged for these topics be sure to join my tag list @TheCoders for I will not be tagging the OMTL.

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Discourse v2.3.0 Beta10 Release Notes Summary

Flash Summary-

  • If you have a muted topic tag it will now mute the topic even if it isn’t the only tag

  • Poll options now appear more cleanly when linking to another post with a poll, rather than what I believe used to be just the raw html

  • If put a topic on watching you will get notified if someone has edited a wiki (yes yes yes thank you Discourse)

  • Tag Lists Can now be assigned to categories that they will be able to moderate (delete, edit, move, etc). Watch out Regulars!

  • Safari Two Factor Authentication now works, if you want to secure your account but you were on an Apple device, now you can!

  • Preview button is now on your bottom right mobile users

Discourse v2.3.0 Details

This new version will come out on 2019-06-17T04:00:00Z!

Flash Summary-

  • Post annotations and staff reminders that appear above posts (similar look of the “Welcome them to our community” or “X hasn’t posted since June 1st, 2017” kind of posts) can now be made by staff (Check beta9 Post for details)

  • Search weight system for category searching, which I assume means topics searched up more often will come to the top more often

  • Accounts with no posts will be deleted after a certain amount of time

  • UNICODE USERNAMES, basically this allows you to use Unicode and special characters in your usernames, although it’s a site setting so talk to Ana if you want one!

  • You will be notified about wiki edits for the first comment of a post if it’s on wiki if your notification setting for that category is “watch first post”

  • Everything in all the betas before this if you haven’t seen it yet

Of course there is more, but I just outlined the stuff that I thought was most important to you guys.

Discourse Version 2.3 beta10

Discourse Version 2.3


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Love these updates. Keep these coming and keep us posted!

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